Meet the Coach!

In my practice I shift the goal beyond simply conception, and instead focus on achieving healthy pregnancies and having healthy babies. I act as a support system, sounding board, and resource for my clients’ fertility journeys. And I love what I do!

— Kate Naranjo, HWC & Optimal Fertility Health Certified

Kate Naranjo, HWC-Optimal Fertility Health Certified

Hi! I am Kate and I am so happy you’re here on this page. A bit about me training wise. I was trained through Duke University Integrative Health Coaching program and the Integrative Women's Health Institute and am certified in Optimal Fertility Health as well as being a Fertility Awareness Educator. So what does that mean for you? My priority as a health coach is to support you and come alongside you as a teammate for you and your spouse in what can feel like a daunting journey. As an integrative practitioner, I connect you to other amazing practitioners in the area to do my best to ensure you are set up with the best healthcare team for your life and fertility journey. 

I got involved in fertility research in early 2017 and from the start have been entirely obsessed with it (to the extent where I’d be bringing up cervical fluid at any chance I got—this makes for some awkward dinner party conversations). Prior to that, I received an undergraduate degree in Medical Studies from USC-Columbia, have taken quite a few additional reproductive health courses, and am an avid researcher/nerd. When you work with me you have someone who understands the foundations of Endocrinology and reproductive health, but who also isn't afraid to admit not knowing an answer, and going out to find it.